Friday, August 22, 2008

What Has Happened to the Blog?

I know, I know, "What has happened to the blog?" It's what I hear everyday. Well, with vacation, and school starting again, and classes around every corner, it has been hard for me to keep up with everything that is happening.

New merchandise has been arriving on a regular basis, along with a few stamps, but our classes and class schedule have been drawing the most attention. We have three NEW instructors that have joined our ranks, and brought a whole new boost to our Paper Arts business.
-Linda Lahr has been teaching jewelry classes using stamps and paper to make beautiful beads that are then strung into awesome jewelry.
-Rita Abrego has been teaching us how to use the Heat and Mold pads and Stamp Carving Blocks to create our own design stamps to use on paper and fabrics.
-Joan Schmitz will begin teaching Calligraphy classes at Stamp Antonio on the last Monday of each month. All levels of calligraphers are welcome.

For more information on any of these instructors or their classes, or to reserve a space, please call us at 210-342-6217.

We also have nationally known artist, Fred Mullett, teaching classes the first weekend in September. Although most of his scheduled classes are already full, he may be persuaded to work in another class if there is enough interest. Please call us at the above number, if you are still interested in taking one of his classes, and we will see what we can do to make it happen.

We are also tossing around an idea of a "lunch bunch work hour" during the day, when the kids get back in school. This would be a time during the week, for busy Mom's or Dad's to sit down and "CREATE" something without the kids bothering you. Sometimes you just need " a little ME time," so why not create a card or piece of art that will help you relax and de-stress. Remember, "crafting is cheaper and more fun than therapy!" Let us know what you think about this idea the next time you are in the store, or any other fun ideas for classes you may have.

So until next time, (and hopefully it won't be another month) Keep Crafting!
We hope to see you soon at the store!

Mindy, and the Stamp Antonio Arts Team

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