Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The New Alice in Wonderland Stamps are Here!

Greetings fellow stampers! Just a short note to let you know the NEW Tweedy Jill Designs "Alice in Wonderland" stamp sets arrived today, and are out for sale!

The New titles we received are: The Mad Hatter, A Walk through Wonderland, Down the Rabbit Hole, and a new Alice line. We also received more of the Alice in Wonderland set, and the Mad Hatters Tea Party set. Also in the shipment, is an awesome set of clear acrylic stamping blocks with gridlines on them, that will make positioning your new stamps a breeze. Just think of all of the creative uses for these stamps, including cards, decorating party favors, stamping home decor items for your "ALICE" fan whether young or old!

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, there will be a new movie out in theaters about March 2010, and these new stamp releases will get you started creating all NEW things "ALICE!"

Be sure to stop by soon and check out these FUN stamps! If you wait too long, they may be "sold out" again!

Mindy and the Team from Stamp Antonio Arts!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall is Finally Here!

Well, as close to fall as we get here in San Antonio! Happy Fall Everyone! The 100+ temperatures have drifted away, and left fairly cool afternoons and evenings, and quite pleasant morning temps for us to get out and be creative. I love getting up early, and sitting outside on my patio with my juice and coffee, and listening to the birds and critters as they begin their day in my neighborhood. I take this time on my days off, to contemplate the art projects I have in the back of my mind that I want to try, and plan out my day so I can achieve more. On the days I go in to Stamp Antonio, I take this time to collect my thoughts, and plan some small projects I can take to the store with me, in case I need to fill a little free time. Of course, we never know when to expect our shipments of new merchandise, so each day is like Christmas. . . . . . do we receive a box of goodies or not?

We have been receiving a lot of goodies lately! New issues of magazines, new rubber stamps, mostly Halloween and Day of the Dead. This year we also received some Jewish stamps for the High Holidays this month.

Last week we received a shipment from a New company to us, Canvas Corp. You may have seen ads in all of the latest mixed-media magazines from this company. They have all sorts of bases for all types of mixed-media art work, made from canvas. We got supplies for banners, placemat size hemmed canvas, muslin napkins about 14" square, along with small accent shaped canvas pieces to add dimension to your canvas project. I made a sample banner, with some journaling on it, along with embellishments of buttons, ribbons, beads, and metal. So much FUN!

WE were also notified that our order from Tweedy Jill in Florida should be on its way this week! Many of you took advantage of the wonderful Alice in Wonderland themed stamps, card kits, and clip art the ladies brought back from their vacation to Florida last month, where they met Jill and checked out her operation. They loaded up their SUV and brought a nice supply of product home from Florida, and all of the styles of card kits and stsamps they brought, including Song Birds, Roosters, Wild West, and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, (to go along with the Alice stuff) was scooped up almost immediately! We heard that a new release of the Alice in Wonderland story will be in movie theaters in March of 2010, so I guess everyone is getting into the Alice mood for then! I may have to go back and re-read the story from my childhood days. . . I don't remember too many of the details.

We also want to thank Geeta Suggs, for coming down to San Antonio and teaching a special Saturday of Halloween treat classes for us this month. These classes coinsided with the release of the new Amuse Artstamps Halloween stamps, and we have reordered stock due to the overwhelming turn-out of "Amuseholics". They really do love their Amuse Stamps!

We have more new and interesting classes coming in October and November! Keep your eyes open for the times and dates of these exciting classes and sign up soon! You won't want to be left out! And, until next time, Keep on Stampin'. . . . . we are always here to help you!

Mindy and the Team at Stamp Antonio ARts!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

These CRAZY Computers! What did we do before them?

These crazy computers, seems they are always on the fritz! I have been having "computer issues" for the last month or so, so my postings have been few and far between. Even the computer access at the store has been slow and lifeless. What did we do before the computer came along?

Well, school is back in session and things are rolling along at Stamp Antonio Arts. We are receiving new merchandise on a regular basis, and having lots of new and fun classes. We are getting Halloween and Thanksgiving and some new Christmas stamps and papers. We also got a very nice display of products from Tweedy Jill Designs in Florida. The bosses visited with Jill while they were down in Florida on vacation, and brought back all kinds of new stamps, card making sets, and clip art. Unfortunately, we have almost sold out of most of it, but are expecting to order more to arrive in a few weeks. Alice in Wonderland, and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party are two of the lines that came with the assortment, and forseeing the arrival of the new "Alice" movie in early 2010 the product is flying off the shelves.

We have another great round of AMuse Artstamps for Halloween that just arrived, and have scheduled another full Saturday of classes with Geeta Suggs coming Saturday September12, 2009. If you are interested in these classes, please be sure to call and sign up right away, so Geeta can know how many students to plan for when she comes down from Austin. There is more information on our web page for the classes with Geeta, and all of our future classes.
Our web address is; www.stampantonio.com

We are still closed on Monday's, and will be celebrating Labor Day this coming Monday. We hope you will have a wonderful holiday, and come by and see us on Saturday or Tuesday to shop or just look around and see what is new and exciting at Stamp Antonio! Maybe you will find a class that interests you, or join one of our workshops that meet on a weekly basis. Any way, we hope to see you soon!

Mindy and the Team at Stamp Antonio Arts!