Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The New Alice in Wonderland Stamps are Here!

Greetings fellow stampers! Just a short note to let you know the NEW Tweedy Jill Designs "Alice in Wonderland" stamp sets arrived today, and are out for sale!

The New titles we received are: The Mad Hatter, A Walk through Wonderland, Down the Rabbit Hole, and a new Alice line. We also received more of the Alice in Wonderland set, and the Mad Hatters Tea Party set. Also in the shipment, is an awesome set of clear acrylic stamping blocks with gridlines on them, that will make positioning your new stamps a breeze. Just think of all of the creative uses for these stamps, including cards, decorating party favors, stamping home decor items for your "ALICE" fan whether young or old!

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, there will be a new movie out in theaters about March 2010, and these new stamp releases will get you started creating all NEW things "ALICE!"

Be sure to stop by soon and check out these FUN stamps! If you wait too long, they may be "sold out" again!

Mindy and the Team from Stamp Antonio Arts!

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