Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Magazines that are selling like Hot cakes....

Hello Everyone!
We received the new issue of Somerset Home last week. It contains 160+ ideas to beautify your home, and seems to be very popular.

We also received more issues of the Somerset Studios' Artful Blogging Magazine. It contains visually inspiring Online journals, that not only contain tools to help you start your own individual blogs, but shows how some of our favorite artists, including Keri Smith, Nina Bagley, and Alicia Paulson include their art in their own blogs. This magazine has also been helpful to some of our class instructors, who were looking for new color schemes to include in their class projects.

It gets 5 stars ***** in my book. One you need in your collection, even if you aren't interested in blogging!
A BLOG by definition, is a Web Log, in other words, your online journal to do with what you please! It is a New art form that has taken off in a different direction, another way to express yourself visually.


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