Thursday, August 30, 2007

September/October Newsletter is on the Web Site

Hi Everyone!
We have been very busy this past week, working on the next installment of the newsletter, and ordering new merchandise for the store.
Erin has started back to school, and I have been trying to help her at the store by writing up the Special Orders for September.

The Newsletter for September/October is on the web site, and the link to the descriptions is up, also. There are still some photos of the class samples that need to be added, but these should be taken care of by next week. We have also trimmed down our newsletter mailing list, quite a bit. If you don't receive your newsletter within a couple of weeks, be sure to add your name to the subscription list on the web site, or come by the store to update your information in our log, at the register. We are trying to conserve the forrest's by cutting back on paper usage. If you could help us by receiving yours via the Internet, we would appreciate it greatly. Plus, the postal increases lately have taken a big chunk out of our expenses.

There are several Events and Contests coming this Fall, and I will have more information on them in a future blog, so stay tuned. . . . . . . . .

Until then, have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend; And be safe out there!

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