Saturday, January 10, 2009

INCHIE Swap! NEW at Stamp Antonio Arts

We have begun an "Inchie Swap" at Stamp Antonio Arts. Inkadinkado stamp company has come out with a line of "inchie" sized acrylic stamps that we received about a week or so ago. Of course, they sold out immediately, so we have had to reorder them. In the meantime, Jane and I have "primed the pump" so to speak, and started a swap among our customers that are consumed by the INCHIE craze!

INCHIES by definition, are a 1" by 1" piece of personal ART! You may use any art technique or product of choice to decorate your little 1" square of ART. The more techniques you use on one Inchie, the more collectable they become. There are many groups around the world making and trading these beauties, similar to Artist Trading Cards (ATC's). We didn't want to be that formal, so we just put out a few handfuls of them in a basket and they took off from there.

To participate in our "SWAP" you must make a few Inchies yourself. Then bring them into Stamp Antonio. If you bring in 5 inchies and place them in our basket, then you may take out 5 in trade. They are NOT for sale, remember you must make some and bring them in to trade.

If you would like more information on how to make INCHIES, or see some that have already been made to get some ideas, just come by Stamp Antonio Arts during regular business hours and we will show you how. Once you try them, you will be hooked! There are no special supplies required, and the only limitations is your own imagination.

INCHIES are just so much fun! Make a handful and come on by today!

See you soon,

Mindy and the Team at Stamp Antonio Arts

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cherrera11 said...

So after going into the store on Saturday, I came home and made like nine or ten "inchies" - Zoe made a few as well! I can't wait to bring these in on Friday and trade them. This is a great idea.
Thanks !!!