Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Take Classes, Too!

(left to right): Carol Condos(co-owner of Stamp Antonio), Lynn Lloyd(former owner of Stamp Salado, and current owner of Stamp Shack/Stamp Lauderdale in Florida), and Sandra Shaw(current owner of Stamp Salado).

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We take classes, too! Our own Carol Condos, attended a class Wednesday afternoon in Salado, Tx. at Stamp Salado. Their previous owner, Lynn Lloyd, (in blue) was blowing through Texas on her way to CHA in California and decided to stop and see many of her friends in Salado, TX. including Mark Jetton, owner of Deadbeat Designs Stamps. (photo courtesy of Mark Jetton)

Carol made lots of samples using some of Deadbeats New designs for 2009, and will have them on display at the store for all to see. The New "Texas" themed stamps have been ordered and will arrive soon. There are Valentines, chocolates, bluebonnets, and more. We also have lots to celebrate the Rodeo beginning next week.

So if you have friends coming in for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, be sure to bring them by Stamp Antonio Arts, so we can show them the wonderful line of TEXAS stamps that Mark makes for us at Deadbeat Designs in Salado, Tx.

Let's Rodeo San Antonio!

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