Friday, May 8, 2009

"WILD"flowers in TEXAS!

I sure do miss seeing the wildflowers that "should" be blooming in South Texas right now, that AREN'T! North Texas has gotten so much rain that the wildflowers are just blooming and blooming! And what do we see here in San Antonio? Lots of dried up weeds because it felt like 108* today in the shade! The temperature only registered 100* at the airport, but in the middle of our parking lot, my car was baking at 108!

I was so happy to be inside Stamp Antonio Arts with the air on! So was the UPS man, when he came in with deliveries. We finally got in our Item of the Month for May, and they are a really cool Spirit Doll, paper doll rubber stamp from Hampton Art/Limited Edition. I have a few really neat ideas for using this stamp, now I just have to see if I can bring them to fruition within the next few days. We also got in some of the New Hero Arts Clear Acrylic sets yesterday, and the rest of the Team is working on samples from them. Maybe I will be able to put some of them on the blog next week.

Customers have been asking for card samples on the blog, but we would rather see your smiling faces in person at the store! But since the recession and all, the smiling faces have been few and far between. You, our dear sweet customers, have been staying home, and not even coming out for our wonderful and interesting classes. We have had to cancel some really GREAT classes over the last few weeks, due to non-interest and that real makes us SAD!

We will keep offering classes as long as we can, but if you have constructive suggestions, we would LOVE to hear from YOU, our trusted customers. Call us at 342-6217; e-mail us at; OR leave a comment on this blog.

We WILL look forward to hearing from all of you, and seeing you soon! Until then, "Keep on Stamping!"
Mindy and the Team at Stamp Antonio Arts

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